The first plan in Canada to provide

no-membership access to affordable legal services

LEAD’s experienced lawyers bring proven expertise in all areas of law

“It was an easy decision to add LEAD coverage. It means less stressed and anxious employees and ultimately a healthier, more productive workplace. As a cost-conscious business owner, I appreciate that LEAD coverage does not add a dime to the cost of providing these additional benefits.”
Ewen Dobbie
President/CEO Dowco Group of Companies

LEAD is for Everyone


  • No membership, monthly or annual fees
  • 10 per cent discount on lawyers’ hourly rates
  • Access to unbundled services


LEAD brings legal services within reach

The high cost of legal services puts them out of reach for many.
If you’re self-employed, retired, or work for a company that doesn’t offer
legal assistance, LEAD offers you and members of your family the affordable
alternative: no-membership access to comprehensive, unbundled legal
services. You pay only for the services you need – at discounted rates.


LEAD can help reduce risk and increase productivity

Employees stressed from dealing with legal issues can contribute to lost
time, absences, and increased potential for making mistakes. Making
legal services available and affordable through LEAD can reduce stress
on employees and risk to your business – and increase productivity.

Discounted legal services for your employees and family members at no cost to your business

LEAD provides your employees and their family members with no-membership
access to comprehensive, unbundled legal services. Employees pay only for
the services they need – at discounted rates. There is no cost to your business.

Protect your business with our Virtual Human Resources Service

LEAD’s Virtual Human Resources Service can help protect your business. It provides legal
expertise on critical issues such as termination/dismissal, harassment, and human rights.
Our Virtual HR Service lets your business avoid the high cost of hiring in-house HR staff.


LEAD enables universities, hospitals, boards of trade, non-profits,
chambers of commerce and other institutions to offer staff, members,
alumni, students no-membership access to comprehensive, unbundled
legal services with a 10 per cent discount on our lawyers’ hourly rates.

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